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Develop and producing of high performance composite carbon fiber materials
Our advanced composite material can be widely used in various fields, such as airline, space, automobile, furniture, sports equipment, medical instruments, building reinforcement project and etc, we also can make carbon fiber and glass fiber orders according to customer’s requirements.

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Carbon fiber application introduction
The material is lighter and harder, it was applied in many fields. Now, they are mainly used in cover and accessory industry, which with the features of high strength, high modulus, low density and low linear expansion coefficient and etc, it can be called the king of new materials.
Carbon fiber application:

Carbon fiber is the most important reinforcement of composite materials.
Carbon fiber has reinforcing function in Industrial, Civil Buildings, Railway & Road Bridge, Tunnel, Chimney, Tower structure and so on.
Carbon fiber is the essential strategic base material for sophisticated weapons, such as Rocket, Satellite, Missile, Fighter, Ship and etc.
Carbon fiber is the perfect material to make the large civil aircraft, automobile, high speed train and some other modern transportation to achieve lightweight purpose.
Carbon fiber now is widely used in car interior decoration; carbon fiber car component with features of the light weight, safety and affordable price.
Autoclave molding technical features
Autoclave is one special equipment that mainly aimed to molding polymer & composite, to use this kind of method for molding is called Autoclave technical; it is a main method of making continuous fiber-reinforced thermosetting composites work pieces, at moment they are widely used in advanced composite structure, honeycomb structure and metal or composite bonding molding structure. During the molding process, with the help of the interior average temperature and pressure to make it becoming solid, to form the composite piece surface and interior in  high quality condition, complicated shape and huge dimensions.

CNC machining Center
CNC Machining Center is a kind of efficient automatic tools, which is composed by mechanical equipment and numerical control system to production of complicated components. Currently, CNC have the highest output around the world, it is the most popular tools as well. With the features of high precision and greatly work efficiency, they are widely used for some components which have complicated structure, high precision requirements or multi-species in small and medium batches of production.

CNC Machining Advantages:

1. A large amount of reduction in fixture tools design, there is no need to design complicated fixtures before machining the complex shape parts. If you want to change the shape & size of the component, you just need to revise the processing program only, its suitable for new items development and remodel.
2. Stable quality, high precision and high repeat precision in processing stage, which make it suitable for aircraft processing requirements.
3. Multi-species, small and medium batches with high efficiency production, it can reduce the time of production preparation, machine adjustment and process inspection; moreover, the cutting time will be reduced accordingly by using the best cutting volume.
4. It can processing some complicated structure which is difficult to machining by ordinary methods, it even can processing some unobservable parts.
ERP system

ERP: Enterprise Resource Planning

ERP system, which is established on the information technology and guided by a systematic management theory, is a kind of management platform used in decision-making for both management level and common employees. By using of ERP system, the enterprise can use the computer to control its money, goods, staff and information in automatic management.

ERP system is not just software, but also is an important management idea. The application of ERP is for collect all the related work flow information from cross department, such as finance department, production department, procurement department, human resource department, and then it will integrated all the information to set up a platform to sharing its data in the company, to optimize the workflow, reduce resource wastage, reduce production cost and cost of inventories.

1. Establish enterprise management information system to support the original data search and summary.

2. With computer & ERP system, we have ability to handle customer's order, inventory data and product constitution management, to achieve the optimize inventory management target and prepare material base on customer's order to reduce the stock.

3. To set up computer- based management system in enterprise, to make the staff, money, material, supplying, production and sells can be completely combined, fully controlled, feedback in real time, dynamic coordination, arrange production base on sells volume, arrange purchase base on p

Professional testing equipments
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ISO/TS 16949 Auditing scheme

ISO/TS16949 registration audit is inclusive client’s special request.
It doesn’t accept QS-9000 certified auditor and other certification company.
It is for global certification.
In temporary trial plan, IATF has accepted 32 certification companies.
Only the IATF certification authority is authorized to conduct supervision of audit.

ISO/TS16949 certification was launched by International Automobile Promotion Team, and it has been approved by 9 international automobile manufacturing companies.

In order to obtain IATF members approve the ISO/TS16949 technical specification certification, ISO Technical Committee has developed a globally unified authentication scheme (ISO/TS16949 standards and achieve IATF recognition guideline) and must be performed according to the instruction. If there have special requirements from customers to supplement ISO/TS 16949, the content must be included in the audit to get customers' recognition of ISO/TS16949 technical certification.

This standard has been accepted by the following companies:

Ford, GM Chrysler, BMW, Peugeot, Citroen, Audi, Benz, Opel, Fiat, Bosch, Volkswagen Renault

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