OYA Carbon fiber car parts manufacturers has always focused on carbon fiber composite material products, owning and managing three industrial parks.

美国拉斯维加斯改装车展览会SEMA SHOW 2010.11.2-11.5


OYA Team and Innovative Products Take Center Stage at SEMA Show.Join us at the SEMA Show as OYA proudly introduces our dedicated team and cutting-edge new products.  Witness firsthand the passion, expertise, and innovation that define OYA's commitment to excellence in the automotive industry. 

Explore the future of automotive technology with our exciting new offerings, setting a benchmark for performance and style.  Don't miss the opportunity to be part of the OYA experience at SEMA!

1 (2)美国拉斯维加斯改装车展览会SEMA SHOW 2010.11.2-11.5 2美国拉斯维加斯改装车展览会SEMA SHOW 2010.11.2-11.5 3美国拉斯维加斯改装车展览会SEMA SHOW 2010.11.2-11.5 4
德国科隆摩托车展览会INTERMOT 2010.10.1-10.6
意大利米兰摩托车及自行车展EICMA 2016.11.8-11.13
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